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Иван FXS
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Post by Иван FXS » Sun Dec 11, 2005 11:00 pm

приглашаю всех аикоммунаров в orkut.com

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Re: orkut.com

Post by Inex » Mon Dec 12, 2005 1:26 pm

Иван FXS wrote:приглашаю всех аикоммунаров в orkut.com
Спасибо за приглашение, но что это такое и как туда попасть?
"Кто знает, тот делает, кто не знает, тот учит"

Иван FXS
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Post by Иван FXS » Mon Dec 12, 2005 2:51 pm

Это такой ... коммуникатор ... которого недавно прибрал к рукам Гудвин, великий и ужасный, ... в смысле - Гугл.

Попадают туда по приглашениям. Поскольку я уже там - могу приглашать других людей.

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Post by Inex » Mon Dec 12, 2005 4:39 pm

Иван FXS wrote:Это такой ... коммуникатор
а чуть подробнее? какие в нем фичи?
"Кто знает, тот делает, кто не знает, тот учит"

Иван FXS
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Post by Иван FXS » Mon Dec 12, 2005 7:00 pm

Дык, сало - оно и есть сало ... чего его пробовать?

Проще тебе сходить и посмотреть, чем мне - рассказывать. Послал приглашение.

На самом деле, там - ничего особенного, единственное отличие, что Гугл его выбрал в качестве одной из "опор" своей создаваемой империи ...

А впрочем ... вот - список некоторых тамошних "групп по интересам":
Artificial Life (2702 members)
From cellular automata to Quake bots, come chat about all things ALife.
Artificial Thinking (6389 members)
This is about intelligence and computers. How can computers be intelligent, how can they learn to be intelligent. What is intelligence. What is consciousness.

Philosophy (Hume, Turing and Dennett) and science (statistical learning and alike) are welcome. Theology and religion-based beliefs are not.
Semantic Web (1542 members)
A kindly, warm place for Semantic Web tomfoolery. Also a place to discuss why Google publicly disavows all interest in Semantic Webby technologies, yet continues to develop them, case in pt Orkut.

My description contains exactly 245 characters. Wait! Now it contains 283 characters.
Machine Learning (994 members)
For anyone interested in machine learning and probabilistic modelling. Bayesians especially welcome.
A.I. Programming (3030 members)
Discuss algorithms, techniques and code for artificial intelligence projects.
Transform Programming (202 members)
What do we mean by Transform Programming (or TP)?

Well, suppose you have an interesting problem. Now, suppose that rather than code up a solution to your problem, you design a language for describing the class of solutions to similar problems (this is called a 'Domain Language', and lots of people do this).

Now, write a transformation layer which will take solution descriptions written in your domain language, and will produce code in some general purpose language. (Lots of people do this as well).

Now, write a description of your _particular_ problem in your language; congratualations, not only do you have a solution to your problem, but you now have a functional domain language which you can use to write programs of your domain quickly.

But what if you had developed the language, the solution description written in the language, and the transformation to a general language, all in one go? You could have shifted layers, from the transform, to the description, to the language design, to address pr
Neural Nets (1475 members)
Neural networks, their applications, and architectures.
Intelligent Agents (1238 members)
The word "agent" is currently very popular in the computer science community. However while lots of people are talking about them, what they're talking about is often ill defined.

This forum is for the discussion of intelligent software agents. Broadly an agent is something that acts on behalf of another and exhbits some level of proactivity/reactivity, and some degree of learning, co-operation or mobility.
Genetic Algorithms (1280 members)
For those who have fun with this form of soft computing.
Knowledge Acquisition (900 members)
Vast amounts of computer-interpretable knowledge about everyday world and our thinking can be collected from many volunteers to get us closer to Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Links to cool projects, ideas for new ones, etc.
Rule-Based Systems (384 members)
Discussion of Expert Systems - in particular, forward-chaining production systems.
If you develop for (or with) rule engines, we'd like to see you join.
Examples include: older systems such as OPS5 and CLIPS; commercial products such as Ilog's JRules and Rules, Haley's Eclipse/Rete++, ARTEnterprise, OPS/J, Blaze Advisor; and more recent non-commercial efforts such as Jess, Drools, JEOPS, etc.
Soar could be considered on-topic, although discussions of the learning features probably belong over in the Soar community.
Lowercase semantic web (444 members)
Welcome to the lowercase semantic web.

Explore the emergence of semantic HTML and XHTML as they are being used to quickly and easily add semantics to today's web. Also a place for those interested in a user-centric semantic web designed for humans first (maximum accessibility and ease of use) and machines second.

Discuss how many companies are showing interest in the lowercase semantic web by focusing on the simple but effective semantics offered by hyperlinks, headings, and other semantic W3C (X)HTML technologies and logical extensions such as microformats.

Some examples for consideration: blogs, permalinks, social networks (e.g. XFN), meta data profiles (e.g. XMDP), outlines (e.g. XOXO), blogrolls, and vote links.

Evolutionary Computation (550 members)
Talk about Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Programming, Neural Networks +++
Artificial Intelligence (382 members)
For those peoples who interested in AI and thinking of it. If you have any ideas or thounght, or you just wonna to be in the cource of it - join us. Hope to see there many interesting, crazy and rampant peoples =)
Artificial Intelligence (2374 members)
All things to do wilth AI. Developing AI software? or an AI robot? or perhaps you just have a passing interest in the subject. Feel free to join in!
Neural Networks (2222 members)
Neural Networks are machine learning techniques inspired by the human brain. It is one of the most exciting research topics related to bioinspired computing. Discussions of any levels are expected here! Join and share your thoughts!
Robotics (3071 members)
A group for discussions and information related to robotics, robotic system design, robot building, events related to robotics, robotics societies, and enthusiasm for all things robotic.
Evolutionary Computing (741 members)
Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Programming, Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks, Evolving Hardware.

Discuss them all here! I believe that evolutionary computing is an exceptionally powerful technique, and can be used to solve problems that are too complex to solve algorithmically.

Share your ideas, your programs, your code or your hardware!
Semantic Web Research Hiring (14 members)

Digital Interprise Research Institute
National University of Ireland,Galway

PhD, Post-doc, Researcher and Research Fellow Positions.

DERI is located at the National University of Galway,Ireland.It has just received significant funding from Science Foundation Ireland.It has positions in 2 major exciting research areas

*Semantic Web Technology
*Semantic Web Service Technology


We seek highly qualified and exceptional applicants for these research areas.

Galway is a medieval town located on the beautiful West coast of Ireland a gateway to Connemarra and the Gaeltacht with a thriving artistic community and student scene.


if you would like to apply for anyone of these challenging positions please forward your detailed and completed resume to

AI Planning (61 members)
A community for those who are interested in Artificial Intelligence Planning (to exchange views about planning methods, systems, open problems, etc.)
Fuzzy Thinking (986 members)
Here is the place to change our black and white world into a gray one. Here we will build our lives upon an easy but ignored law of universe.Let's move from our old bivalence world to a multivalence one.
Distributed AI (24 members)
A community for those who are interested in Distributed Artificial Intelligence(to exchange views about DAI and Multi Agent Systems)
Semantic Web Services (55 members)
Discussion on issues related to Semantic Web Services - advantages and future concerns.
Artificial Intelligence (372 members)
This Community is for Artificial Intelligence Students & Professors & anybody who is interested in AI.
Artificial Intelligence (29 members)
The Group of Artificial Intelligence and Related Topics
Artificial Intelligence (54 members)
Artificial Intelligence . All to describe this community goes within the topic itself . I hope we can increase our knowledge of Artificial Intellignce by sharing ideas , introducing resources to elaborate and read and discussing our points of views .
Artificial Intelligence (19 members)
I don't believe the phrase of artificial intelligence ,but I like to read any text about this ,,because this topic is very important .
I think the Intelligence("jan" in farsi & "Geist" in German) is in the every paticle of the world , but will is important to formation of that ,Intelligence means : the power to matching with Invironment(or systems) .
I can't assume that an Artificial thing can match with invironment without any output will,,,
I like to read any idea about it...
Semantic Web Portal (5 members)
This user group focuses on the Requirements, Application, Structure and Advantages of Semantic Web technologies to web portals.
Artificial Intelligence LOvers (8 members)
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad field, and means different things to different people. It is concerned with getting computers to do tasks that require human intelligence.
Geospatial Semantic Web (6 members)
Geospatial Semantic Web, a cornerstone for web based context aware applications?
Artificial Intelligence (8 members)
This community is dedicated to the discussions of various issues relating to AI - as science,career n a research field..
Semantic Grid (15 members)
The Semantic Grid is an extension of the current Grid in which information and services are given well-defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in

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